born in london, 1966.

After taking a BA (Hons) degree in documentary photography at Newport, Colin moved to Italy where he's worked as a professional photographer since 2002. 

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exhibitions / mostre

Photofusion Gallery, London - Fusion, 1991
Saint David’s Hall, Cardiff - Emerging Young Artists, 2001
Photofusion Gallery, London - Extracts, 2001
Spazio Paraggi, Treviso - Piccole Memorie, 2008
Folkwang Museum, Essen - Teaching Photography, 2010
Ivrea Photo Festival - Piccole Memorie, 2010
The Air Gallery, London - Lost in Landscape, 2011
Spazio Paraggi, Treviso - A Place to Sit, 2011
Spazio Paraggi, Treviso - Percorsi Sensibili, 2013
Premio Nascimben, Fondazione Benetton, 2014
La Quatrieme Image Foto Festival, Vukovar, Paris, 2014
Museo Del Uomo, New York, A Different View, 2014-2015
Spazio Paraggi, Treviso, Generation Project, 2014-2015
Premio Nascimben, Fondazione Benetton, 2015
Colle Umberto, Ri-Trattare, 2015
Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin, Coordinates, 2017

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Anche in italiano.

Germany - Luisa Catucci Gallery

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